How much does it cost to register a motorcycle in Hawaii?

How do I register a motorcycle in Hawaii?

To title and register your project motorcycle in Hawaii, you’ll need:

  1. Signed title and current registration certificate (if applicable) …
  2. Hawaii Inspection Certificate.
  3. Bill of Sale if the title was not released by the previous owner.
  4. Bill of lading or out of state vehicle permit for motorcycles from out of state.

How do I transfer a motorcycle title in Hawaii?

Give the new owner the endorsed certificate of title, the current certificate of registration and certificate of safety inspection. Complete a notice of transfer form and mail it within 10 days to the county motor vehicle registration office where the vehicle was last registered.

How much is a title transfer in Hawaii?

Motor Vehicles – Fee Information

Item Fee
County Fee $12.00
Transfer Fee $5.00 – the annual fee must also be included if the vehicle has not been licensed for the current year of within 45 days of the vehicle’s staggered expiration month.
Duplicate Title $5.00
Duplicate Registration $5.00

What do you need to register vehicle in Hawaii?

As a new resident of Hawaii, to complete your registration you must provide the following:

  1. Complete an application for registration of motor vehicle.
  2. Recent out-of-state certificate of vehicle registration.
  3. Out-of-state title.
  4. Bill of landing or shipping receipt.
  5. Certificate of safety inspection.
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Does Hawaii require a motorcycle license?

You must obtain a Class 2 license to operate a motorcycle or motor scooter.

Do you need a motorcycle license to rent a motorcycle in Hawaii?

You must be 21 years old with a valid motorcycle license to rent a two passenger scooter. If you don’t have motorcycle license and at least 18 years old you can rent our single passenger mopeds or our two person Scoot Coupes. We also offer bicycle and e-bike rentals.

What is the penalty for not transferring title within 30 days in Hawaii?

after 30 days of the transfer, the transfer fee with penalty is $60.00; • Additionally, if the vehicle registration expires within 45 days of the ownership transfer, the new registration fees must also be paid; see Certificate of Registration section below for details.

Can you gift a vehicle in Hawaii?

Gifting and inheriting

The state of Hawaii allows you to transfer ownership of a vehicle to a family member as a gift. … For inherited vehicles, you will need to provide proof of insurance, the current registration, a safety inspection certificate, and an Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property of the Decedent.

Why is Hawaii car registration so expensive?

Why the difference? It’s because Hawaii is one of 13 states that collects an annual vehicle registration tax based on weight. So the 2,244-pound difference between the Porsche and the Ford means the truck owner will pay roughly $120 more in fees each year. … “And more regressive than would be a gas tax.”

How do I transfer a motorcycle title?

The motor vehicles agency in your state will help you legally transfer the title.

  1. Gather the required documents. The title of the motorcycle is crucial, as it shows you as the owner and will be used during the transfer. …
  2. Complete the details on the title. …
  3. Provide the odometer reading. …
  4. Provide a bill of sale. …
  5. Visit the.
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How do I transfer title and registration in Hawaii?

To complete the transfer, the properly endorsed certificate of title, the current certificate of registration, and current safety inspection certificate must be submitted within 30 days to the motor vehicle registration office. A transfer fee of $5.00 will be assessed.