Is decel popping bad for motorcycle?

Is motorcycle exhaust popping on deceleration normal?

Popping on deceleration is due to unburnt fuel being ignited in the exhaust. The reason you do not hear this on a bike with a stock exhaust is due to the baffling of the stock exhaust.

Is exhaust popping on deceleration bad?

Popping does not hurt your motorcycle except for bluing or coloring of the exhaust pipe if persisted for a long time. To reduce the popping, tune the carburetor for an optimal air-fuel mix ratio. There is no need for replacing the exhaust pipes.

How much decel pop is too much?

If you start with a high idle, you have to compensate by turning the fuel screw, and this gets you all messed up. If you are still at 2+ turns out, you need to go larger on the pilot. If you are larger than a 26 pilot, you have AN AIR LEAK causing an excessively lean condition.

Is decel pop normal?

Registered. Decel popping is usually a sign of a lean fuel mixture. Also make sure there are no exhaust leaks.

Does decel popping hurt the engine?

Decel popping is no problem at all. No load on the engine, easing off throttle… lean condition is not only normal: is desirable to reduce fuel consumption.

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Why does my motorcycle backfire on deceleration?

Backfiring on Deceleration

Backfires on deceleration is simply the process of burning the excess fuel left the combustion chamber. … First, is when the exhaust ports open, the change in pressure causes a very lean mixture of fuel and air. The fuel and air are still burning at this time, but very slowly.

What causes backfiring on deceleration?

“In general, backfiring on deceleration (as opposed to acceleration) is generally caused by a lean condition in the pilot circuit. Then when the engine does fire, these un-burnt gasses are ignited in the exhaust pipe, causing the backfire. Decel popping is caused by the detonation of unburned fuel in the exhaust pipe.

Is decel pop bad Harley?

Decel popping is NOT indicative of a bad tune. Decel popping occurs when one of two things are present. 1. The bike is so lean the exhaust is superheated and is burning the unburnt fuel that is in the pipes (there is always some unburnt fuel in the pipes no matter how lean).

Why does my fuel injected Harley backfire?

What’s The Reason Harleys Backfire? Harley Davidsons backfire because of a little explosion in the intake or the exhaust. … The emission of a Harley includes the exhaust system and how the bike burns its fuel. When a Harley has something wrong with the emission system or fuel flow, backfiring is most likely to occur.