Is it legal to not have a speedometer on a motorcycle?

Does a motorcycle need a speedometer for mot?

No. Bike under 100cc does not need a speedo. Pre 1936 does not need a speedo . Your bike if younger than 36 and over 100cc does need a speedo that is acurate to 10% at 30mph however it is not tested on the MOT.

Do I have to have a speedometer?

If the vehicle was originally fitted with a speedometer then a working speedometer is a legal requirement. If it did not have a speedo in the first place then the vehicle is probably exempt from the requirement (This might not be so in every case – but as a gneral rule – yes).

Do you need a speedometer for an MOT?

Dials that cannot be illuminated are also a cause for failure of the MOT test. The speedometer will only pass the MOT test if it is complete, everything is neat and tidy, and there are no fluttering, sticking, intermittently working, or dead gauges.

Can I use my phone as a speedometer on my motorcycle?

Ulysse Speedometer is an ultimate bike odometer app and bike mileage app. You can use the app to measure speed for both cars and bikes. Strap it with a phone holder on the handlebar and let the app do its job. The app gives you speed, direction, distance, time, and other vital stats.

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Does a motorcycle need a speedometer UK?

According to the website, you do not need a motorcycle speedo to pass your motorbike’s MOT. The above link refers to all the elements of motorcycles that are checked during an MOT. This can include: Lights.

What makes a motorcycle road legal?

At a minimum, your street-legal motorcycle must have: Tires with sufficient tread and air pressure for safe operation. Operable headlights, taillight, brake light, and turn signals. Front and rear brakes.

Are GPS speedometers legal?

Under the law a GPS system, even if it gives an indication of speed, can’t be regarded as fulfilling the legal requirements. So to answer your question a GPS speedo isn’t legal.

Can I use GPS for speedometer?

Tracking your car’s trip data can be fun and interesting, but not all cars come with an advanced trip computer. Using your Android phone’s GPS sensor, SpeedView can act as a speedometer with some additional data functions.

Is it illegal to have a broken speedometer?

It’s an offence in NSW to interfere with an odometer reading, and the Motor Dealers and Repairers Act 2013 deems interference to be: … removing or replacing the odometer. rendering the odometer inoperative or inaccurate by any means whatsoever. fitting a device capable of rendering the odometer inoperative or inaccurate.

Does a moped need a speedometer?

Other Your moped must comply with all the safety and structural tests required on steering, suspension, brakes, wheels, exhaust and fuel systems etc. … There is no minimum tread depth for mopeds. A speedometer is not required for an MoT test.

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Why is mileage unreadable on MoT?

Sometimes with digital odometers, you cannot see the mileage easily if the backlight bulb has blown in which case you have the option to mark it as unreadable. If you go back with a small torch, you can sometimes get it in the right position to see the mileage.