Question: How can a motorcycle passenger be safe?

Is it safe to be a passenger on a motorcycle?

Tips for Passenger:

Don’t mount the bike until the kickstand is up and the driver says to do so. Wrap your hands around the driver’s waist to hold on. Avoid sudden movements that could affect the motorcycle’s handling. Always keep your feet on the footrest and don’t put them down at a stop.

Should a passenger on a motorcycle lean with the driver?

Should a Motorcycle Passenger Lean in a Turn? The short answer is No! A motorcycle rider (the driver) will be used to leaning the bike over just the right amount to get it around a bend safely. The faster the bike is travelling at, the more it has to lean over to make it around the corner.

Should motorcycle passengers wear full finger gloves?

According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic Rider’s Course, every rider and passenger should wear a helmet, eye protection, over the ankle footwear with nonslip soles, long pants, a good jacket, and full fingered gloves.

What to do when a dog chases you on a motorcycle?

However, it is a good idea to get off and confront the dogs calmly by putting your bike in between yourself and the dogs as a shield. Sometimes this is enough to deter the dogs to move away and when they stop harassing you, slowly move away without any sudden movements.

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When can you carry a passenger on a motorcycle?

Once you have passed your Practical Test, you will have a licence to ride any machine of up to 125cc, so long as it’s power is restricted to 11kW, without L-plates and you may carry a pillion passenger.