Question: How do you check motorcycle spoke tension?

How can you tell how tight your spoke is?

The most accurate and precise way to measure spoke tension is with a spoke tensiometer like the Park Tool TM-1. Spoke tensiometers flex a spoke between two posts with a calibrated spring. This deflection is shown on the meter’s scale. Determine the material of the spoke.

Can you over tighten spokes?

Spoke tension is important to ensure your wheels are strong, reliable and long lasting. Spokes that are too loose will continue to loosen and require constant wheel truing. Spokes that are too tight will cause damage to the rim, spoke nipples and hub flanges.

What torque should spokes be?

To make sure you tighten the right amount we suggest using a spoke torque wrench set at about 48 inch-pounds. To make sure you tighten the right way, follow this pattern: Start at the rim lock and tighten the first spoke.

What happens if spoke tension is too low?

Low tension makes for a weak wheel, since spokes go slack under smaller loads, and fail to hold the rim steady. When spokes are tight enough, the nipples can be a bit difficult to turn; this makes many wheelbuilders leave wheels too loose.

Should all bike spokes be tight?

Hard to describe the tension precisely without a tensiometer, but it should be very tight on the tighter side. I shoot for 120-150 kilograms of force per spoke on the short side. What’s probably more important is getting 90 kg. or more on the looser side (long side) as spokes that are too loose are the ones that break.

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Do I need spoke tension meter?

When you get to low spokes counts and carbon rims which require higher tensions and more critically, even tension, then a tension meter becomes almost essential.

Why do my spokes keep coming loose?

The most common causes for spoke loosening are either not enough tension or uneven tension around the wheel. Before even thinking about changing that rim I would re-build the wheel making sure the spokes do have enough tension and have the same tension for all the spokes on the same side of the wheel.

Why do motorcycle spokes come loose?

A front and rear wheel is a web of equally tuned tensioning rods which keep a wheel straight, true and strong. With use, and over time, some of these tensioning rods will work their way loose, and impact to a rim can also cause some of your spokes to loosen slightly.