Question: Is Victory motorcycle still in business?

Why did Victory motorcycle go out of business?

In announcing the winding down of Victory, Polaris said that the brand struggled to establish the market share needed to be profitable, with competitive pressures increasing headwinds for the brand.

Does Polaris still service Victory motorcycles?

Polaris will continue to supply parts to support Victory motorcycles for 10 years, and the company “will assist dealers in liquidating existing inventories.”

Are Indian and Victory the same?

Polaris surprised the industry in January when it announced that it would shut its homegrown motorcycle brand, Victory, and focus entirely on Indian, a company it bought in 2011. So far, the move seems like a smart one. … “Indian’s share of its segment is already higher than Victory’s was.”

Can you still get parts for Victory motorcycles?

Models in production at closing time will still have parts available but expect them to be non painted and such as time goes on. Accessories on the other hand you are stuck with only used or the few aftermarket things still available. So it’s good to try finding a bike with most stuff you want on it.

Do victory motorcycles hold their value?

The fact that Victory’s don’t have a high resale value can be a good thing. You can buy a used Victory which is just as good as a new one for a fraction of the price and you still have a bike that can hold its own or surpass anything else on the market.

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Did Victory buy Indian?

Despite being good motorcycles, Victory had difficulty breaking into a market so dominated by Harley-Davidson, complete with its culture, events and wide range of parts and accessories. … Victory managed reasonable sales but in 2011 the parent company purchased the rights to the Indian Motorcycle name.

Is it a bad idea to buy an old motorcycle?

One that’s been sitting for some time can require anywhere from a modest to an over-the-top investment to get it running properly again. A used old motorcycle that’s been a daily ride can be a stable investment however, as generally the prices reach a certain “rock bottom” that they do not dip below.

What is the most reliable used motorcycle?

10 Used Motorcycles That Will Last You A Lifetime

  • 8 Indian Scout (2015+) …
  • 7 Yamaha VMAX (2009+) …
  • 6 Triumph Tiger 955i (2001-2005) …
  • 5 Honda RVT1000R (2000-2006) …
  • 4 Kawasaki ZX-6R (1995-2004) …
  • 3 Suzuki SV650 (1999-2012) …
  • 2 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 (All) …
  • 1 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500FI Classic (2000-2007) via AutoTrader.