Quick Answer: How do you lift the front tire on a motorcycle?

How do you raise the front wheel of a motorcycle?

How to do a Front Wheel Lift

  1. Start in neutral. Coast on the bike with knees and arms slightly bent out of the saddle with pedals level to the ground.
  2. Load the bike. …
  3. Explode upward and slightly back. …
  4. Bend arms and legs slightly and come back to neutral.

How can I lift my motorcycle front wheel without a stand?

If you don’t have a center stand or one is not available for your bike, you can use a hydraulic motorcycle jack under your skid plate to lift the bike. Just be sure to never lift the bike with its weight on the exhaust system. The exhaust is not built to bear the weight and could be crushed or damaged.

How does front paddock stand work?

You can lift the bike with the front stand using two methods. First one is to lift from the bottom of the forks and the second is from under the steering head. You will find several types of stands out in the market that lift the bike and handles in both the front and the rear.

Can you use a rear motorcycle stand on the front?

Once both the rear and the front are lifted on stands, the motorcycle is very secure and both wheels are elevated. When removing the stands, remember to remove the front stand first (again, the rear stand is okay to use alone, but the front stand should never be used without the rear already in place).

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