Quick Answer: How do you set a sag on a motocross bike?

How much sag should a motocross bike have?

Free sag should be between 30mm and 40mm. If you have more than 40mm of free sag, your shock spring is too stiff. Less than 30mm and your spring is too soft. This is so important and so basic that you need to repeat after us: if you have excess free sag, your shock spring is too stiff.

What should my rider sag be?

Ideal rider sag can range from 25mm to 40mm or more, depending on the bike and how you intend to use it. A good rule of thumb is to aim for 30mm for street use, and 25mm for track use. 9. The sag amount is adjusted by adding or removing spring preload front and rear.

How important is setting sag on dirt bike?

The sag on your motorcycle plays a key role in the balance and stability of your bike. When testing different sag heights for your weight, riding style and riding conditions, the ideal setting for you will feel stable while going down fast straightaways and also comfortable and easy to turn when coming into corners.

How do you stiffen rear shock on a dirt bike?

Rear compression adjustment is usually a small screw on the rear shock body, and fork compression will be a small screw on the fork cap or inside the lugs. They often have markings around them so you can tell which way to turn. Typically, clockwise is tighter/stiffer and counter-clockwise is looser/softer.

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Should front and rear sag be the same?

A general rule of thumb is that the front sag should be about 30-35% of travel, while the back should be at about 25%. That works out to be 30-40mm at the front and 25-35mm at the back, for most bikes.

How much sag should I have?

For the rear shock – 20% – 30% sag is recommended. For the most part, this can be used across the board for trail bikes and downhill bikes. Again, keep in mind you may want more or less sag depending on your bike, weight, and riding preferences. For the front fork- 10% sag is recommended.

Is static sag or rider sag more important?

While rider sag is obviously the key measurement, static sag is just as important, especially when setting up a new bike for a particular rider as it will tell you if you have the correct spring rates installed. It can also tell you al lot about the health of your suspension.