Quick Answer: What are the best motocross tires?

What tires do GNCC riders use?

The MICHELIN® StarCross® 5 off-road tires and the MICHELIN® E-Wild bicycle tires will be featured at Michelin’s GNCC events. Michelin’s tire technicians will be on site and ready to assist GNCC riders and spectators with their tire selections.

How long do dirt bike tires last?

A: Dirt bike tires can last for about four years from their manufacturing date. After that, the tire should be replaced since it’s at the end of its useful life. You should also check for signs of a worn or damaged tire such as missing knobs, cracks, excessively worn-out treads, vibration, and excessive road noise.

Are knobby tires street legal?

rubber that is street-legal. With that said, there are many serious dirt tires that are DOT approved. They range from high-mileage rubber to sticky knobs designed for traction in technical riding. Naturally, the more aggressive the knob pattern, the higher the wear factor when used on pavement.

What tire pressure should I run on my dirt bike?

The correct tire pressure varies from terrain to terrain, but in general will be somewhere between 8 and 18 psi. Most riders will want 12psi as it is a great all around pressure for dirt bike riding.

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