What are the bumps on a motocross track called?

Why do they water motocross tracks?

The water wouldn’t soak in to the hard surface, so it just made it more slippery. The addition of the sand-type dirt creates a much more workable surface that will absorb moisture. The track stays much more manageable, creating better racing and safer conditions.

What is the Bubba Scrub in motocross?

The Bubba Scrub is a technique in which the rider throws the bike sideways over the face of a jump, essentially crashing it, and then pulling it back up before he hits the landing.

What does it mean to scrub a jump?

Scrubbing jumps is a great way to stay low and fast over a jump – letting the energy of the jump blow off to the side. It’s also the right way to start working on your whips, since a whip originally came from a scrub. … This turning of the bars will serve to blow energy off the right-hand side of the trail.

What’s the difference between SX and MX?

Supercross takes place inside stadiums and arenas on short, tight courses. While motocross mostly happens in summer, Supercross is a springtime circuit , and is seen as the premier discipline. … In addition to courses being short and tight, Supercross tracks are also narrower than motocross, with shorter straightaways.

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