What does a Petcock do on a motorcycle?

Should you turn off fuel on a motorcycle?

The primary reason for shutting off the fuel is safety. On a motorcycle the fuel tank is directly above the engine. If fuel were to leak it would drip directly on the hot engine. This along with the fact that most motorcycles use a rubber supply hose that is exposed to the engine heat and the resulting decomposition.

How do you tell if petcock is on or off?

Counter clockwise is “OFF”. Clockwise is “RESERVE”. Check it by turning to the off position and pull off the gas line. If it doesn’t flow then you have it.

How does reserve work on petcock?

When the petcock is switched from main to reserve, the fuel that goes to the engine comes from a lower part of the tank, and the lowest part of the tank is where the water and dirt go if left alone. If the reserve is never used, the level of the water and dirt in the bottom of the tank continually rises.

Do fuel injected motorcycles have a petcock?

Gasoline essential to the proper operation of your motorcycle is controlled by a “Fuel Control Valve” otherwise known as a “Petcock”. … Fuel-Injected motorcycles rarely have a petcock. Your carbureted bike will have one of the following: Manual Operation.

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What does Prime mean on a motorcycle?

The “Prime” setting lets you flow fuel directly to the float chambers filling them without having to turn the bike over. On vacuum controlled petcocks the intake’s vacuum opens a diaphram and lets the fuel flow past the petcock, so you need to turn the engine over to create that vacuum.

What does PRI on a fuel petcock mean?

PRI is for priming the carburetor. That means filling the carburetor up with gas if it is say the first time its ever been ridden or the gas was drained out for some reason.

Do fuel injected bikes have a fuel switch?

Fuel injected bikes do not need a fuel petcock so they give you a light to advise when you have reached a reserve fuel level.

Should I turn on my motorcycle every day?

All you’re doing is wasting gas and reducing battery life. If you want to keep the battery topped up, go for a long ride and get the revs up to around 3,000rpm. … A battery, in good condition, will require a full charge once every 30 days.

Can I run my motorcycle on reserve all the time?

You can run a motorcycle on reserve all the time. Running your motorcycle on reserve is not bad for the motorcycle. In fact, it is recommended to run your motorcycle on reserve occasionally. However, if you run your motorcycle on reserve when you run out of fuel, you are really out of fuel.

What happens if you leave your petcock on?

I read if you leave the fuel on, gas will overflow past the carb and into your engine and ruin your oil or even hydrolock the engine. I forgot to turn the fuel petcock in my dr650 overnight for like 16 hours. The petcock is free flowing and not vacuum (aftermarket).

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