What does squid stand for motorcycle?

What is squid slang for?

Noun. squid (plural squids) (slang, motorcycling, derogatory) A motorcyclist, especially a sport biker, characterized by reckless riding and lack of protective gear. “In my mind, a street squid is anyone who races on the street.

What is a slang word for motorcycle?

Bike: An acceptable term for almost any motorcycle , which is also often called a ride, sled, beast, the old lady, sweetheart, my precious, That Broken Down Old Piece of … and so on.

What does squid stand for in English?

SQUIDS “SQUIDS” stands for “Select Quotation, Identify, and Discuss its Significance.” Squ: As you complete your reading, you should select the quotation that you will analyze and reflect upon. You will embed this quotation, in full, in the first paragraph of your SQUIDS.

What are Harley Davidson riders called?

As the term “hog” became affiliated with their product, Harley Davidson took it a bit further. They’ve named their official riders group the H.O.G. or Harley’s Owners Group. H.O.G.

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