What is a good first Harley Davidson?

How much is an entry level Harley?

1. Harley Davidson Street 500 (Estimated MSRP: $6,899) The Harley Davidson Street 500 is the most affordable motorcycles in the H-D lineup and the closest model you’ll find to an entry-level form any other brand.

Is a Harley Low Rider a good first bike?

Registered. IMHO, a Low Rider will do fine for a first bike. As you said, it fits your size, and while it’s not lighter than a Sportster, it’s got a much lower center of gravity, making it more stable at low speeds, and easier to keep from dropping. Just take it slow, don’t push your envelope too much at any one time.

What is the easiest Harley to ride?

Entry Level Harleys® List

  • Street 500 and Street 750 – If you’re looking at used bikes, these are definitely worth considering. …
  • Sportster XL 883 Superlow – Harley® made this one until last year, and it’s a great choice for shorter riders because of its low seat height.

Is a Sportster 883 a good first bike?

Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883. If you’re a diehard Harley fan and you refuse to ride any other brand of bikes, then this is still not a good motorcycle for you as a beginner. … The main reasons why the Iron 883 isn’t great for amateurs is due to its performance. This bike boasts a massive engine that only gets 45 hp …

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Is a Harley Sportster a good starter bike?

If you are absolutely hell-bent on a Harley Sportster as a first bike because you love it, well go for it. It can make a grand first motorcycle, all I’m saying is there are better choices out there to begin on. As with any bike if you be careful, you should be ok.

Is a Dyna Street Bob a good first bike?

With a relatively light frame and minimum distractions on the way, it could just be the perfect first motorcycle. … If you are a beginner and think you can handle a fairly heavy motorcycle, this is made for you. Brakes are a little tricky but If you are okay with that, the Harley Dyna Street Bob is the best choice.

Is a Dyna Low Rider a good bike?

If you want a powerful, great looking, no frills, basic bike, then this is for you. Comfortable enough to enjoy some longer trips and not so bulky that you can’t drive it around town. For me it’s the perfect combination. The six speed transmission is one of my favorite things about this bike, very smooth.