What is Harley Davidson whim?

How much is a whim?

Whim currently offers four tiers of subscriptions. A pay-as-you-go model charges people for each trip. A low-end package (€60 a month, or $67) includes unlimited public transport, bike-share access, guaranteed car prices, and fixed-rate taxis.

Does the CVO come with whim?

Your model may have had the WHIM installed at the Dealer. According to the Harley-Davidson web site, the only model that came with Wireless Headset as Standard Equipment was the CVO model. The Limited came with the Wired Headset connection as standard.

Will Cardo work with Harley Davidson?

From what I understand, the Cardo system does NOT connect to Harley Davidson without an add-on from Harley Davidson called a “WHIM”. This is proprietary and will only provide MONO sound unless you are using the HD Sena comms devices. … Don’t buy it unless you are getting the HD Sena headsets as well.

How does whim work?

Whim is a service that combines different public transportation methods into one place. With the Whim mobile application, a user may buy public transport tickets, order taxis and rent a car or a city bike.

Where does whim operate?

Whim is currently available in Helsinki, Vienna, Antwerp, in the Birmingham region in the U.K. and in the greater Tokyo area. On June 1, it launches in Switzerland, the first time a MaaS service will span an entire country.

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