What is the Ferrari of motorcycles?

Is Ducati made by Ferrari?

The company is owned by Italian automotive manufacturer Lamborghini, through its German parent company Audi, itself owned by the Volkswagen Group.

Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A.

Ducati’s current logo as of 2008
Type Subsidiary (S.p.A.)
Industry Motorcycle manufacturing
Founded 1926

Is there a Bugatti motorcycle?

Bugatti has never made a motorcycle. Over the course of the last century, Bugatti has made many different kinds of vehicles from sleek sedans to racing airplanes to hypercars, but Bugatti has never produced a two-wheeled vehicle. … Bugatti’s design aesthetic is very compatible with the spirit of the motorcycle.

Is there a Lamborghini motorcycle?

The Diavel 2021 lineup also adds a new Dark Stealth model to the family, but this Lamborghini-inspired version is next level. And so is the price: The Ducati Diavel 1260 Lamborghini hits dealerships January 2021 priced at $31,995 and C$34,990 in the US and Canada, respectively.

Is Ducati owned by Audi?

Audi purchased Ducati through its Italian supercar arm Lamborghini, from Milan-based private-equity firm Investindustrial Advisors S.p.A. Audi, which is part of the Volkswagen Auto Group, intends to keep the current Ducati management in place, with a board member from Lamborghini swapping with one of Ducati’s.

Who owns Ferrari now?

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