What is the hump on the back of motorcycle jackets?

What is the hump on MotoGP suits?

The hump at the back is one of the most prominent features of any motorcycle racing suit. Initially introduced to improve airflow and increase a bike’s top speed, the hump has since been used to house drinking water, cooling ducts and electronics.

Why do MotoGP riders tape their hands?

Many dirt riders and some road racers tape their hands to avoid blisters when riding. Clean, good-fitting gloves are the first place to start, but with a roll of half- and one-inch (1- and 2.5-cm) medical adhesive tape, you can prevent almost any blister.

Why did Fabio remove his chest protector?

Aprilia’s Aleix Espargaro had been one of the riders who felt it was correct not to punish Quartararo at all. … But reigning world champion Joan Mir considered the way Quartararo discarded the chest protector had been especially dangerous for other riders.

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