What kind of oil do you use for motorcycle forks?

Can you use any oil for fork oil?

ATF is close to most 7-10w oils. If you must, use that as your damper oil. For straight lubricating oil (like in the lowers of a Fox 40), motor oil is just fine.

What can I use instead of fork oil?

Peanut Butter, and in some cases jelly…………. Many motorcycle supply shops also sell fork oil if you’re having a hard time finding some. Massage oil is the real secret! After all you do want to keep the insides working good and what better way then to have massage oil working it.

What viscosity is motorcycle fork oil?

Comparative Oil Weights Table

Brand Designation Viscosity Index
Maxima Racing Fork Fluid 85/150 5wt Fork Oil 150
Maxima Racing Fork Fluid 125/150 7wt Fork Oil 151
Maxima Racing Fork Fluid 165/150 10wt Fork Oil 151
Maxima Racing Fork Fluid 235/150 15wt Fork Oil 154

What kind of oil do dirt bike forks use?

Maxima Hydraulic is the best fork oil for dirt bikes in 2020. You don’t just replace fork oil when you replace your seals, or when you think it’s “been a while”. Different weight fork oil, will literally change the way your suspension feels.

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What weight is type E fork oil?

HD Recommendations

Some say type E is equivalent to 10W, some say it’s equivalent to 15W oil or more from other manufacturers. Just keep in mind when changing fork oil, you don’t want to mix different used oils together with new oil.

Is fork oil the same as hydraulic oil?

Firstly, fork oil is hydraulic oil, it does the same job in both circumstances but is under less stress in a pair of motorcycle forks.

Is all fork oil the same?

Some will claim that fork oil is just fork oil, and any brand will offer the same performance. Consider this before buying another brand: There isn’t a standard viscosity index similar to engine oil. … Brands that offer similar characteristics at 40ºC will feel comparable in performance.

How much fork oil do I need?

Slowly squirt 10cc of oil into the forks. It is important to note that as the 10cc of oil goes in, 10cc of air must come out.

Can you change fork oil without removing forks?

You will need to remove the caps to refill the fork tubes with oil. Determine if the fork legs have oil drain plugs near the bottom of the legs. If they do, you are in luck and will be able to change the oil without removing the fork legs.