What motorbike did Lawrence of Arabia use?

What happened to TE Lawrences motorcycle?

AFTER more than 80 years, a vintage motorcycle has returned to the place its world-famous rider met his end. The fully restored 1929 Brough Superior SS-100, nicknamed George VI, owned and ridden by T.E. Lawrence was killed in a road accident in 1935. …

How much does a Brough Superior cost?

The motorcycle, which was built at a factory in Haydn Road, has a pre-sale price estimate of $350,000 to $400,000 (£213,000 to £244,000). George Brough, who made the bikes from 1924 to 1940, designed them to meet each customer’s requirements.

How was Lawrence of Arabia killed?

Lawrence, known to the world as Lawrence of Arabia, dies as a retired Royal Air Force mechanic living under an assumed name. The legendary war hero, author and archaeological scholar succumbed to injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident six days before.

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