What motorcycle does Tom Cruise use in Top Gun?

Did Tom Cruise actually ride the motorcycle in Top Gun?

In the first Top Gun film, Tom Cruise was seen riding around on mesmerizing Kawasaki GPZ900r. In true Cruise fashion, he performed his own motorcycle stunts, including racing a fighter jet.

Did Tom Cruise ride the motorcycle in rogue nation?

The best part: it was all Cruise. Swerving in and out of lanes, Cruise managed to take control of the motorcycle and execute a great chase scene.

How old was to Cruise in Top Gun?

IMDb Rating: 6.7

Actor Age then Age now
Tony Scott 42 Would’ve been 77
Tom Cruise 24 59
Kelly McGillis 29 64
Val Kilmer 27 61

What motorcycle is in Mission Impossible fallout?

The BMW R NineT Scrambler is an iconic motorcycle that exudes style and power; it could not have been a coincidence that Tom Cruise chose it for his legendary action-packed movie franchise, Mission Impossible. The bike made a thrilling appearance in the 2018 film, Mission Impossible: Fallout.

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