Where are Suzuki motorcycles made?

Where is Suzuki motorcycles manufactured?

Since 2001, we’ve been building the award-winning Suzuki KingQuad ATVs right here at home in Rome, Georgia. Our 30 million-dollar plus, 35-acre plant is formally known as Suzuki Manufacturing of America Corporation (SMAC) and our goal is to make it the world’s number one off-road vehicle manufacturer.

Are Suzuki motorcycles made in the USA?

Suzuki motorcycles, automobiles, all-terrain vehicles, and marine outboard motors are manufactured and sold in the United States by American Suzuki Motor Corporation (American Suzuki), a subsidiary of Japan’s Suzuki Motor Corporation (Suzuki). … It manufactures and distributes its products in more than 170 countries.

Are Suzuki bikes made in Japan?

Previously, Suzuki motorcycles were developed and manufactured across three locations in Japan – product engineering and development teams worked at the company’s Ryuyo facility; Suzuki produced engines at its Takatsuka plant; and motorcycle assembly lines operated at its Toyokawa plant.

Are Suzuki motorcycles made in Japan?

Suzuki nears completion of new motorcycle manufacturing plant in Japan. Suzuki Motor of America, Inc (SMAI) announced the creation of a new manufacturing plant in Hamamatsu, Japan, home to its parent company, Suzuki Motor Corp.

Is Suzuki owned by Toyota?

Suzuki Motor Corporation (Japanese: スズキ株式会社, Hepburn: Suzuki Kabushiki-Kaisha) is a Japanese multinational corporation headquartered in Minami-ku, Hamamatsu, Japan.


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Logo since 1990
Suzuki headquarters in Hamamatsu
Total assets ¥3.33 trillion (2020)
Total equity ¥1.8 trillion (2020)
Owner Toyota (4.94%)

What happened to Suzuki motorcycles?

SUZUKI SPLITS THE MOTORCYCLE AND MARINE DIVISIONS INTO SEPARATE COMPANIES. One week after the announcement of the JGRMX Yoshimura Suzuki team closing their doors, Suzuki announces plans to “strengthen” business and “optimize success” by splitting their Motorcycle/ATV and marine divisions into two separate companies.

Does Kawasaki own Suzuki?

Registered. Suzuki does NOT own Kawasaki. The two entered into a business partner relationship a few years back and developed a joint motorcross bike. They also share some tooling, but are still totally separate companies.

Why are Suzuki bikes so cheap?

The Suzuki is without a doubt priced lower because there is less market interest for them versus Yamaha, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it since that model has been around for a while and more importantly is still in current production.

Is Suzuki a reliable brand?

Suzuki is a car brand that’s consistently ranked as one of the most reliable. You should have no qualms about buying a modern Suzuki. All new Suzuki come with a three-year or 60,000-mile warranty, whichever comes first. You can also extend your warranty up to 100,000-miles.