Who makes the bunkhouse motorcycle camper?

How much does a bunkhouse motorcycle camper weigh?

You can pull it with any vehicle, including most motorcycles! Here’s another motorcycle or compact car camper from Bunkhouse Camper Trailers. It’s called the LX Model and weighs in at 350 lbs, plenty light enough for just about any tow vehicle, including a mini van, sport utility vehicle, or small sedan.

Can you pull a motorcycle camper with a car?

Tow with any vehicle.

While mini campers are most often marketed as motorcycle campers, they can be towed by any vehicle, a tiny Smart Car, a three-wheel Spyder, or even a mid-size motorcycle. … That means any compact or full size car or truck can tow a small pop up camper.

How much is a motorcycle camper?

Motorcycle Camper Trailer Pricing

But basic motorcycle camper trailers start as low as about $2,000, and even premium models can be purchased for about $6,000 or so… a far cry from even the most modest full-size travel trailer out there!

Can you pull a teardrop trailer with a motorcycle?

If your teardrop trailer is small enough, then yes, you should be able to tow it with a motorcycle no problem. … Most motorcycles weigh at least 400 pounds. Like any car or truck, they have a towing capacity. This is the max amount of weight the vehicle can safely pull.

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How much do time out campers weigh?

Weight – 345 lbs.

Does Harley Davidson make campers?

Holiday Rambler Corporation and its subsidiaries (“Holiday Rambler”) was acquired by the Harley-Davidson, Inc. … Holiday Rambler’s Recreational Vehicle division competed primarily in the mid to premium segment of the recreational vehicle market.

How much is a boony stomper?

By the standards of the camping trailer world, the Boony Stomper is relatively affordable, starting at $8,394. You can give it a custom paint job for $249 or body wrap it in camouflage for $836.