You asked: What causes a motorcycle tire to Cup?

How do you fix tire cupping?

Take the vehicle to the auto repair shop and have them change the shocks. Then have the shop put the cupped tires on the rear of the car until they wear smooth again. If the cupping is too severe, the tire shop may be able to use a tire-shaving machine to even them out.

Can bad shocks cause tire cupping?

Uneven tire wear – When your vehicle’s shocks and struts are worn out, the car can bounce, causing a reduction in road holding force. This bouncing can also cause accelerated tire wear including cupping or scalloping of the tires (when pieces of rubber are gouged out of the tire).

What does cupping on a motorcycle tire look like?

A cupped tire is one that will have uneven patches of wear on them. Theses patches can be about 4 inches (give-or-take) wide. This happens as a result of your tires grabbing the road as you turn.

How long can a motorcycle TYRE last?

After 5 years of use or more, tyres should be examined every year by a professional mechanic. If the tyres need to be changed, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations with regard to replacing original components.

Will tire cupping go away?

Provided that you’ve replaced the worn shocks, bushings or relevant suspension component, driving on a cupped tire will eventually smooth it out to some extent. … Considering the likelihood and consequences of tire failure after cupping, you’re best off replacing the cupped tire sooner rather than later.

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Will a cupped tire blowout?

Your tire will not blow from the cupping, but will be noisier than a high school band. However any tire will “Blow out” from wear, heat, foreign object destructive etc.

Is tire cupping covered under warranty?

Is tire cupping covered under warranty? Cupping is caused by bad alignment or balance. It’s not covered under warranty. … They should rotate the tires too, putting the bad one on the rear.