You asked: Who won motocross race last night?

Who won motocross last night 2021?

Monster Energy congratulates Dylan Ferrandis on winning the 2021 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross 450 Class Championship title in Pala, California, this Saturday.

Who won 250 motocross last night?

Justin Cooper won the first 250 moto closing the points gap by 11 points. Justin Cooper got the holeshot with Jett Lawrence going down twice early in the race dropping him down past 20th place. If Cooper won and Lawrence scored zero points Cooper would take the points lead going into the second moto.

Who won the Monster Energy Motocross race today?

The winner of today’s race at Fox Raceway in the 450 Class was Monster Energy’s Eli Tomac, who took home first place with a 2-1 finish.

What number is Jett Lawrence?

2021 Outlook

Jett’s GEICO Honda team has closed up shop heading into the 2021 season but the young rider will remain with Honda and transfer over to the Honda HRC 250SX team where he will race alongside his brother, Hunter Lawrence. The sky is the limit for the number 18 rider heading into 2021.

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