You asked: Why does my motorcycle chain keep stretching?

How do I stop my motorcycle chain from stretching?

The most important factor in preventing chain stretch is lubrication. If roller chains are poorly lubricated, stretching will take place very quickly. When a chain has elongated 3% of its original length, it must be replaced.

What causes chain elongation?

Its elongation is caused when material is removed from the pins and bushings. The individual joints in a roller chain articulate as they enter and leave the sprockets. … This articulation results in wear on the pins and bushings. As material is worn away from these surfaces, the chain will gradually elongate.

How often should you tighten motorcycle chain?

Too tight is as bad as too loose, but it’ll only take minutes to get it right. You should check and adjust your chain every 500 miles (805 km), and more often for a dirt bike. It’s also a great time to look for kinks or rust, and to give your chain a quick cleaning and lubrication, too.

How much can a chain stretch before it rides too high on the sprocket?

The maximum allowable wear elongation is approximately 3% for most industrial applications, based upon sprocket design. The allowable chain wear in percent for large sprockets with 68 teeth or greater can be calculated using the relationship: 200/N, where N is the number of teeth in the large sprocket.

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Is it possible to stretch a chain?

People often wonder if chainsaw chains can stretch because they can come loose. The fact is that they do stretch, but you can manage it by tightening them. When you go to use your chainsaw, you should check to see if the chain is the right tension.