Your question: How do I tell what year my Triumph motorcycle is?

How do I find out what year my Triumph motorcycle is?

The frame number is stamped on the left side of the frame, on the front engine mounting lug. The third section is a numerical block of five figures which commence with engine number 00100. The fourth section indicates the model. Example: NC00100T120R – N=Month C=Year, Number, T120R=Model.

How do you read a triumph Vin?

Triumph uses a specific VIN structure that makes it easy to decode.

  1. Locate the VIN number. …
  2. Write down the first three digits. …
  3. Write down the next two digits. …
  4. Make a note of the next three digits. …
  5. Write the following digit, which is the motor number. …
  6. Proceed to with the next digit, which denotes the final drive ratio.

Where is the VIN number on a Triumph motorcycle?


Every motorcycle has a unique 17 digit vehicle identification number (VIN). It can be found in your motorcycle handbook or on the chassis plate of your bike, located in the headstock area as shown in the images below.

Where was my Triumph Bonneville made?

Originally built exclusively in Hinckley, England, some models are now (2014) produced at the company’s Thailand manufacturing facility, which also makes components and accessories for various Triumph motorbikes.

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How do I check a VIN number on a motorcycle?

The 17 character Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is displayed on the registration certificate. It can also be found on the vehicle itself, either on the compliance plate located in the engine bay or on one of the door posts (where the door latches when it is closed), or on the passenger side windshield.

How do I find the VIN on my vintage motorcycle?

Motorcycle VINs are usually stamped into the steering neck of the motorcycle. This is located just behind the front forks, behind the headlight (if equipped).

How much is a 1970 Triumph Bonneville worth?

**Figure based on a stock 1970 Triumph T120RT Bonneville valued at $11,100 with OH rates with $100/300K liability/UM/UIM limits. Actual costs vary depending on the coverage selected, vehicle condition, state and other factors.

What year did Triumph Bonneville go water cooled?

In 2017 the all-new water-cooled Bonneville replaced the air-cooled model in Triumph’s model range and brought with it a ride-by-wire throttle, traction control and (finally) ABS for the first time.

When did triumph stop making motorcycles?

Triumph has always had its own distinctive character and a history of creating bikes that become design classics since they first came to market in the 1900s. Like the rest of the British motorcycle industry, Triumph went out of business by the 1980s.