Your question: What year did AMF make Harley Davidson?

What were the worst years for Harley-Davidson?

2 1981 Sportster

1981 was just a bad year in general for Harley-Davidson, but it could be argued that this Sportster was the company’s worst effort at the time. Owners have complained about the bike’s handling, or lack thereof, which often put them in dangerous situations.

Who bought Harley after AMF?

In 1981, AMF sold the company to a group of 13 investors led by Vaughn Beals and Willie G. Davidson for $80 million.

Are AMF Harleys any good?

Perugini is well aware of Harley-Davidon’s reputation during the AMF years, but said, “I’ve never had any problems with the AMFs that I’ve had. They’re pretty reliable. Not as much as the Evo.”

When did Harley stop using kickstart?

Registered. The last year I saw a kick start Harley was 1984. They were discontinued in the middle of that year.

What does FLH Harley stand for?

FLH= electra glides rubber mount motors( ultra,classic,standard,streetglide,roadkigs. roadgl ides) FXSTS= FX softail standard. FLHTC= electra glide classic.

How much is a 1973 Harley-Davidson Sportster worth?


Excellent $9,135
Very Good $5,665
Good $3,640
Fair $3,310
Poor $2,445
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