How do I protect my electric scooter from the rain?

Is an electric scooter OK in the rain?

Are all electric scooters waterproof? This is the big question, and in the vast majority of cases, the answer is no. In fact, even if an e-scooter is claimed to be waterproof (or water resistant), many manufacturers will still advise riders to avoid using their products in the rain.

How do you waterproof an electric scooter?


  1. Dry your scooter if it’s wet, use a cloth or a wet-dry vacuum cleaner.
  2. Don’t fold the scooter when wet.
  3. Don’t ride in rain, snow, hailstorm, ice, mud or puddles of water.
  4. Get a waterproof cover.
  5. Dress for rainy or bad weather.
  6. Tape the gaps in the deck.
  7. Carry some duct tape with you and tape over the charging port.

Can I leave my electric scooter outside?

Can you store an electric scooter outside? Not really. If you want to stop riding for a while, it’s smart to put it somewhere dry, warm and clean. You need at least a shed.

Which electric scooter is best for rain?

The IPX5 rated Ninebot Max is also our clear winner for the best scooter to ride in the rain.

Is xiaomi scooter rain proof?

The Xiaomi M365 electric scooter is rated IP54, which means that it is relatively resistant to dust and splashing water. It is not waterproof, therefore it may suffer damage when exposed to significant amount of water.

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How long do xiaomi scooters last?

A consumer-grade Xiaomi M365 electric scooter should last at least 2-3 years or a few thousand kilometers. The Xiaomi M365 has been on the market for about three years now.

Is the Xiaomi 1S waterproof?

Unlike the Pure air 2, the Mi 1S isn’t completely waterproof and it’s not advised to use it in the rain, but the large pneumatic tyres ensure it can handle a much greater array of lumpy road surfaces.