How do I rent a scooter in Italy?

Do I need a license to rent a scooter in Italy?

To rent any scooter or motorcycle above 125 cc, you need a motorcycle license (and your international driver’s license if your license is from outside the EU). … To rent a scooter up to 125 cc, you need to bring: your driver’s license. your credit card.

Do you need a license to rent a scooter in Rome?

Rome ranks among the cities with the most registered scooters in the world. … To rent and ride a motorino in Rome, all you need is a valid drivers license, a sense of adventure and a good dose of common sense.

How much does a scooter cost in Italy?

Today, however, a moped costs on average $1,350 to which is added the expenses of insurance, stamp duty, and licensing – pushing up the total cost to about $2,250. “Today mopeds are simply too expensive for the great majority of Italian households,” said Attilio Brisci, a moped mechanic in Cosenza, northern Calabria.

Can a foreigner buy a scooter in Italy?

However, that is not my question. The rule here is that you have to be a resident to buy and register a motor vehicle, including a scooter or motorcycle.

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Can I drive a scooter in Italy?

All EU driving licences are valid in Italy. … A licence is required to ride a scooter – a car licence will do for bikes up to 125cc; for anything over 125cc you’ll need a motorcycle licence.

How do you get a scooter license in Italy?

Obtaining a license for a moped

You will need to undertake a training course at a local driving school and pass an exam, after which you must carry your license at all times. Good to know: Although you can drive a moped in Italy at age 14, elsewhere in the EU you might have to be at least 16 years of age.

Do I need a license to drive a Vespa in Rome?

To drive in Italy it is required a valid driving license. Valid national driving licence enabling to drive the category of the vehicle being driven. Officially you can’t drive a scooter or car without International driving permit, because Italian police can fine you and obligate you to pay a sum of minimal 400 €.

Do you need license for Vespa in Italy?

You have to present yourself with your valid driving license, an identity card or passport and with a credit card (only VISA and MASTERCARD) as guarantee. To drive the vespa 125 cc the car driving license is sufficient. To drive the vespa 150, 250 or 300 cc you need a motorcycle license.

What is the most popular scooter in Italy?

This statistic illustrates the number of new registrations of the best-selling motorcycle models in Italy in 2018. That year, the best-selling scooter model in Italy was the Honda Italia SH 150, counting 10,354 registrations.

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Is Vespa cheaper in Italy?

Prices. Vespas cost more in Italy than in any other country I know (that is for the vintage models).

Are e scooters legal in Italy?

Electric scooters have finally been granted “equal rights” with bicycles in Italy, resolving a big problem regarding urban mobility. … Thanks to the new regulation, all owners of electric scooters will be able to use their vehicles legally in Italian cities without causing serious problems.