How much money can you make charging scooters?

How much money can you make charging Bird scooters?

Bird pays from $5 to $20 per scooter per charge, depending on how difficult it is to locate it and how much juice it needs.

How much do you get paid to charge scooters?

Both Bird and Lime have similar models where they pay you a base pay of $3 to $5 for charging and releasing each scooter. This pay will vary based on how long it’s been since the scooter was charged and when the scooter became available. For Bird, the pay can vary between $3 to $20 per scooter.

How much money can you make charging Lime scooters?

Lime juicers report an average of about $8 per scooter, with $5 to $12 per scooter as a reasonable range. You can probably expect to make around $20 to $30 per hour.

How much do you make charging spin scooters?

Let’s use Spin, which pays $5 per scooter charged, as an example.

Can you make money charging scooters?

Charging scooters with Lime can earn you between $5 to $12 per scooter; however, you can increase your earnings by having many supplies and charging several scooters per day. Hunters can make up to $60 per night and up to $200 per week, depending on the number of scooters they charge.

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How long does it take to charge a scooter?

It takes between 4 and 20 hours to charge an electric scooter, but charge time greatly depends on battery capacity and chargers used. You can use the charging time table to estimate how long a battery will take to charge from 0% to 100%.

Why did the bird app charge me $20?

In some markets, you are prompted to select a Balance Auto Update Plan before starting your ride. The selected amount, for example, $5, $10, or $20, will load on your account in the form of ride credits. These credits will be used for future rides.

Is charging Bird scooters worth it?

I’m convinced that for most young professionals, signing up to be a Bird charger or Lime Juicer is well worth it. If you live in a neighborhood that has a lot of scooters and you work somewhere that has a lot of nests and hubs nearby, then you should definitely sign up to be a Bird charger or Lime Juicer.