Question: Is xiaomi electric scooter waterproof?

Are Mi electric scooters water proof?

Xiaomi Mijia electric scooter Pro is IP54 waterproof, however, you can’t ride it to wade through water, in the rain or snow. It is not only because the ground clearance is too low for the puddles, but also because the circuit is likely to be damaged by water.

Can you ride xiaomi electric scooters in the rain?

Xiaomi M365 can handle light rain or minor splash of water, but exposure to larger amounts of moisture may cause damage to several crucial components of the scooter. Even more importantly, riding in wet conditions poses safety hazard for the rider.

Is Xiaomi Mi 1S electric scooter waterproof?

Unlike the Pure air 2, the Mi 1S isn’t completely waterproof and it’s not advised to use it in the rain, but the large pneumatic tyres ensure it can handle a much greater array of lumpy road surfaces.

Which xiaomi scooter is waterproof?

The M365 is IP54 waterproof grade so a light rain and splashing water will not damage the scooter electronics.

Which electric scooter is best for rain?

The IPX5 rated Ninebot Max is also our clear winner for the best scooter to ride in the rain.

How waterproof is xiaomi Pro 2?

Yes – The Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 boasts a waterproof rating of IP54; protecting it against moderate water pressure and dust ingress.

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