What is the world’s lightest scooter?

What is the lightest pro scooter on the market?

The District DK2 V3 scooter deck is the lightest and greatly balanced pro scooter deck obtainable and available on the market in this day. The District V3 is the right choice when you require the use of a sturdy, but cheap, pro kick scooter deck.

How light is the lightest pro scooter in the world?

What’s the lightest scooter we’ve built to date? 6.2 pounds.

What is the lightest weight of a pro scooter?

If you want a scooter that is renowned for its excellence, but you are also after a lighter and narrower frame, then the Sacrifice Flyte 100 is right up your alley. This scooter is the lightest pro scooter on the market, weighing only 2.8kg in total with a 100mm series deck.

Are lighter scooters better?

Lighter scooters are easier to carry which can be especially useful for parents of younger children. They can easily fold and carry the kick scooter when their child is fed up with using it at the park. Or it can be easily carried when the rider scoots into a busy urban environment.

How light is the ethic pandemonium?

Ethic Pandemonium Deck Description

A perfectly balanced deck, only weighing in at only 1.2kg. The Ethic Pandemonium deck is a super-light and high quality deck with more than enough strength to withstand any level rider. Fitted with rails underneath the deck it provides perfect blalance when griding rails and ledges.

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What are the lightest scooter wheels?

Root Industries Honeycore Wheels

Seemingly accomplishing the impossible, the Honeycore wheel has managed to take the throne as the world’s lightest scooter wheel.