What tricks can you do on a scooter?

Which leg should you scoot with?

Like handedness, the majority of people are right foot dominant, giving this the name “regular stance.” However there are still many people in the world that are left foot dominant, or “goofy footed.”

Do you need a stunt scooter to do tricks?

There is something for everyone when it comes to what a scooter can do. Maybe you’re ready to make the move into practicing your own tricks or advancing to the next level of stunts. You’ll need a specially-designed proscooter for tricks that can handle the adventure.

How do you go super fast on a scooter?

One of the major factors to increase the speed is taking long and powerful kicks. Place your front/ plant foot on the scooter’s deck and then kick the ground by using your back foot. When the scooter is at high speed try to keep your kicking/rear leg behind the plant leg.

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