Where can I buy Chetak scooters?

Where is Bajaj Chetak available?

Bajaj Auto has announced the registration of its electric scooter Bajaj Chetak in two more cities. The e-scooter will now also be available in Chennai and Hyderabad. In Hyderabad, the company has decided to introduce the retail outlet in Kukatpally and Kachiguda.

Why is Bajaj Chetak not available?

Bajaj Auto has announced that it has stopped accepting bookings for the Chetak electric scooter due to heavy demand for the vehicle. The company re-opened bookings for the battery-powered two-wheeler on Tuesday morning and decided to pause the bookings once again due to a large number of confirmed orders.

What is the waiting period for Bajaj Chetak?

Dealers are currently quoting a waiting period of anywhere between one to two months for customers with a confirmed booking, and only expect to take fresh orders for the e-scooter sometime after June.

Does Bajaj Chetak require license?

A: Yes, you need a driver’s license to ride the Chetak since its top speed is above 25kmph.

Which is the best scooter in India?

Top 15 Scooties in India with Price and Mileage

  1. Honda Activa. Honda’s Activa is the most popular scooter in the market today. …
  2. Suzuki Access. …
  3. TVS Jupiter. …
  4. Honda Dio. …
  5. TVS Ntorq. …
  6. Yamaha Fascino. …
  7. TVS Pep+ …
  8. Hero Pleasure.
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Is Bajaj Chetak banned?

In the face of rising competition from bikes and cars, Chetak lost ground in India, and production was discontinued in 2005 as Bajaj Auto stopped manufacturing scooters altogether.

How much is the subsidy on Chetak scooters?

The latest price hike was introduced after the Central government increased the FAME-II subsidy for electric two-wheelers, and under the revised national scheme, the Chetak is eligible for a substantially higher Rs 45,000 incentive.

Is Bajaj Chetak a flop?

With the new electric scooter, Bajaj Auto also had the opportunity of cashing on the nameplate of Chetak, which is immensely popular among Indian consumers. Sadly, due to lack of marketing and a very limited product availability in just two cities of Pune and Bengaluru has made the Bajaj Chetak a big flop.